Band Members




Kristin McGee (Director)

Kristin McGee is the Director of the Groningen Student Big Band and Associate Professor of Popular Music and Jazz at the University of Groningen in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media. She is also a saxophonist. She has performed with various bands in Chicago and Groningen including the Northwestern Big Band, the University of Chicago X-Tet, Las Toallitas, Funkadesi, Blue Turtle Tea Party, Nerve Tonic, Tinsel Trio and the Groningen-based collective Hora Est. As a composer and project leader, she has worked with groups including the Red Moon Theater Company and the St. Xavier Big Band (Chicago) and Hora Est (Groningen). In her academic life, she researches how music and performance practice impact notions of cultural identity. Her most recent book Some Like it Hot: Jazz Women in Film and Television (Wesleyan 2009) explores the important role that early jazz women played in the nascent film and media industry. She is currently completing a manuscript on the crossover jazz scenes of the Netherlands.

Tjeerd Wierda (President GSBB Board, Trombone)

Niels Weijermars (Treasurer GSBB Board, Baritone)

Niels is the current Treasurer of the GSBB Board. Niels began playing alto saxophone when he was 12 in the Twents Fanfare Orkest. He studied saxophone with Marijke Stuivenberg at De Muziekschool Hengelo where he also played in the youth big band in 2009. In the ‘Big Band’ led by Bert Fransen, Niels learned to play the baritone sax in many related jazz styles. He has also played in various saxophone ensembles. In September 2012, Niels moved to Groningen where he began his study in biology at the university. Later that year, he joined as the baritone player of the Groningen Student Big Band.

Vocalists: Kelsey Breure and Hye-won Jung

Saxophones: Yaşar Kan – alto sax, Jelmer Kok – alto sax, Jan Lobee – tenor sax, Arjun Adapa – tenor sax, Niels Weijemars – baritone sax

Rhythm section: Lars van der Laan and Dario Anton – drums; Kirill Dumchenko – guitar, Johan Koolsteg – bass; Diego – piano

Trombones: Tjeerd Wierda and Gustaf Noren Vosveld

Trumpets: Santi Fernandez, Rob Petri, and Eddie Bernasconi

Jelmer Kok (Alto Saxophone)

Jelmer is a third year medical student at the University of Groningen. He started saxophone lessons when he was 11 and hasn’t stopped playing since. After learning the basics of saxophone playing, he soon discovered jazz and he loved it. He has played alto in a saxophone quartet and for five years, he played in the Assen jazz ensemble. Wanting to keep playing jazz, he found out about the Groningen Student Big Band and has enjoyed playing with this band since 2015.